What is a 222 million dollars museum?

A Museum With 222 Different Unique NFT's

We are at the beginning of a story that will evolve from a museum to a digital city.

What are our plans?

Unique NFTs

Every week, we'll be putting the unique 7 nft up for sale. In total, 222 separate nfts will be sold in two series. The first 111 series are waiting for you right now.

Our future

A Big Project

This is not just a project. The beginning of a great ecosystem. As each phase is completed, we will announce our next project. Just follow our growth.


Take your place
in the metaverse

Now is your time

It's time to be a part of a big ecosystem!

We are here to develop a digital ecosystem. It's just part of a big project that will consist of 8 phases.

The $222 million museum has a total of 222 unique NFTs. Each week these NFTs will go on sale piece by piece. Each NFT you purchase will be physically sent to you by courier after all 222 works are sold. Each NFT that goes on sale will be the most valuable artifact belonging to another future project. Owners of these NFTs will have various priorities in future projects.

In the ecosystem we will develop in the future, we will do a lot of work in digital payment methods, virtual market and gaming areas. In order to develop larger projects, we will announce our projects, which we will announce in different phases, on our social media accounts. You can see the building at the center of a large ecosystem by visiting our digital museum, which is previewed. In future phases, a city will be built around this building. Each owner of 222 NFTs will own a free property in the city we create. By renting or buying your own house, workplace in this city, you will be included in a living ecosystem. Here you will literally enter a meta world by selling digitally and physically.

In the future we will create, take your place in this ecosystem.

You have received a unique NFT, what should you do now?

You visited the $222 million museum. Here you have purchased an artwork that you like. So what should you do now? A total of 222 works of art will be sold in our museum. The 111 works of art sold will be the most valuable part of the new collections to be prepared in the future. From the 111 selected works of art, we will create 111 new collections and 1,110,000 works of art in the future.

Our ecosystem, like the real universe, will expand outward. This expansion will create a huge sphere of influence for you. For this reason, you can follow these developments on our social media and discord channel. We are at the beginning of a great universe. You can follow each step we will perform in 8 phases in order. What will happen in the first phase?

222 Unique NFT

111 works of art will be on sale in two separate seasons. We will display a total of 222 unique works of art in our digital museum for collectors.

111 Separate NFT Projects

Until January 2023, a total of 111 separate NFT projects will be created. For these created projects, we will create a new digital city. With this city established, we will complete the first phase.

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The 222 Million Dollar Museum comes to offer a unique experience.

We create a digital city for you. We work with professionals for the highest level of architecture.

Time To Visit

Have you visited our digital museum?

Visit the museum and witness the creation of a digital universe. In a short time, many events will be held here. Don't miss these opportunities!

You can buy artwork

You can purchase NFTs displayed in our digital museum or from other vendors (this feature will be added in the future).

You can sell crypto asset

In a short time, you will be able to sell your crypto assets in the areas in the garden of the museum and in the city to be established later.

You can advertise

You can reach more people by advertising in the advertising areas in the museum."

You can contact

In the city to be established with other users, you can communicate and trade. You can organize events and establish your own business in this city.

An Amazing Meta Experience

222 Million Dollar Museum

Discover now!