Our Roadmap Goals

We will sell 222 NFTs in two separate seasons. 111 artworks will be sold each season.

After all 222 works are sold, physical versions of the works will be delivered to their owners.

The creation of Lunocity will be completed with the placement of new buildings and streets around the museum located in the city centre. In the completed city, user activities will be initiated.

222 users who make the first purchase will be gifted the property they want from Nexoos City.

New collections will be created from 111 different works to be selected from among the 222 works sold. A total of 1,110,000 works will be completed and put up for sale at different locations of Nexoos City.

The creation of playgrounds inside and outside Nexoos City will be completed. In-game trading features will be tested in these areas. In addition, the prepared games can be played in areas such as steam, google play, apple store. Nexoos coin infrastructure will be prepared with in-game trading.

The official release of the currency, which will be made available to internal and external users, will be launched. Citizens of Nexoos City will be transacted with Nexoos coin.

The final phase of the project will not be announced until it reaches phase 7.

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